Eligibility Rules

To be eligible to access Western Sydney University IT Services you must be:

  1. A current staff member of Western Sydney University;or
  2. A current student enrolled in a Western Sydney University course and unit

You must also have:

  1. A Staff number; or
  2. A Student number

Both a Western Sydney University staff member and a Western Sydney University student
If you are both a student and a staff member, use your staff number to access staff-related IT services, and your student number to access student-related IT services.

I am a casual staff member
If you are a casual staff member without a staff number and need to access IT Services, please contatct IT Service Desk on (02) 9852 5111.

Terms and Conditions
If you are eligible to access IT Services, you must first accept the Western Sydney University Information Systems Usage Agreement to be granted access.

Denial of Access
Access to IT services can be denied on a temporary or permanent basis at the discretion of Western Sydney University management.

Can I have a WesternAccount?
If you do not have access to IT Services, but believe you should, please contatct IT Service Desk .
You will need to provide your:

  1. name
  2. staff or student number
  3. phone contact details
  4. employment or enrolment details, and
  5. reasons why access should be granted.

Further Information
For more information on access and usage of IT Services, refer to:

  1. Rules for Access to Western Sydney University IT Services and Facilities
  2. Information Technology Policies and Procedures

Additional self-service information can be found at MyIT Portal.