How do I create an acceptable password?

To create an acceptable password, make sure it:

  • has a minimum of 8 characters
  • contains characters from at least three of the four groups below:
    • upper case letters e.g. A,B,C....
    • lower case letters e.g. a,b,c....
    • numbers eg 0,1,2,3....
    • special characters e.g.!@#$%^*()_+-=[]{}? (Do not use ' " & \ < >)
  • does not contain any part of your name i.e. your first, middle or surname
  • does not contain your staff or student number
  • is not a password you have already used recently

Note that passwords are case sensitive.

Following are some examples that meet all the above rules:

  • Au5tralia - this contains upper case, lower case, a number and is 9 characters
  • au5tr@lia - this contains lower case, a number, a special character and is 9 characters
  • ENGLaND$ - this contains upper case, lower case, a special character and is 8 characters

Additional self-service information can be found at MyIT Portal.